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How To Join

National Website

Completing and Submitting Your SAR Application:

By setting up a ​log in account​​ on the NSSAR website, you will be able to to access and begin the new member application process. (Note: The .pdf form is a better vehicle to download and use when submitting your application.) You can then transfer your collected data to your final SAR application form online. Your SAR New Member Helper or the ​Application User Guide​ may assist in leading you comfortably through this step.
Applicants have many options of SAR membership levels when completing the SAR’s application process​. Please discuss these options with your new member helper to find out the actual membership levels available and applicable fees for your intended SAR chapter and state-level society.
Next, submit your completed application and all related documentation to your sponsoring SAR chapter for approval (Note: The .pdf form is a better vehicle to use when submitting your application.). The chapter will then forward your application and documentation to the respective state-level society and then in turn the national SAR Headquarters for final review and approval. On average, the approval timeline takes about eight to ten weeks from local chapter review to national processing. Your local sponsoring chapter will follow up with you should any additional documentation be required.
In completing this process, you will not only uncover a new appreciation for American history, become acquainted with others with whom you share a common interest, and experience the thrill of discovery; you will also come to realize that your history is the nation’s history.

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