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Arkansas Society President

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Gregory W. Hogue

WELCOME to the Arkansas Society of the Sons of the American Revolution webpage.  As Society President, I’m excited that you have chosen to visit our site.  Our Society is proud to represent the hundreds of Arkansans who have proven direct lineage to one or more great patriots of our American Revolution.  As we near the 250th anniversary of our Nation, we hope you will choose to join us in remembering the sacrifices and heroism of our forefathers.

Arkansas is unique among many of the States west of the Mississippi River in that one of the last battles of the American Revolution was fought here.  Although a small battle as compared to those back east in the Colonies, our Spanish allies fought the British at what is now the Arkansas Post National Memorial and State Park near Gillett, Arkansas.  Come join us commemorate this battle each year around the middle of April.  Or perhaps you will see us at your local Memorial Day or Veteran’s Day Parade or other local community event.

You may not realize it, but there are more than 200 American Revolutionary Patriots buried in Arkansas.  Many moving west to claim land grants, while others were just seeking a new life and new opportunities.  You will find photos and videos in our archives of our membership, clothed in period uniforms, marking several of these patriot graves.

In addition, we actively search for candidates for our Local, State and National Awards such as, Law Enforcement, Heroism, Life Saving, JROTC/ROTC and Eagle Scout, to name a few.  Past recipients award ceremonies are documented in our archives as well.  Through these events, our Society works in every way to promote interest in our Constitution, our Bill of Rights and our American Revolutionary spirit.

I hope that our webpage has aroused your interest in history, especially the history of what became the great State of Arkansas and it’s connection with the American Revolution.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or if you are interested in joining our Society.  Enjoy your visit here and “Happy 250th Anniversary America”.

     -President Gregory W. Hogue

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